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The Self-Proclaimed King

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A lifeless skull, crowed by it's own mandible, placed in a box for burial and put on display by easels facing each other. Although bleached white, yet blood still stains the infamous legacy of this self-appointed glutton of power. Laid in state before the painting, "The Fall of the Damned", a reminder of the fate of the despots past, present and future. This are those that crown themselves by their word only and are not given authority by God or the people. Their reigns and regimes are sustained by terror, compulsion and a severance of human freedoms. The dictators, the warmongers, the tyrants, the false gods. All who usurp power and use man as a commodity to serve personal gains. These are the authors of the gulags, death camps and elimination of privacy, free speech and the right to worship. May it be measured to them as they measure unto man.

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